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Sunday, 2 April 2017

How much do those things weigh?! A Gulliver project update

2 and a half files!
That's it.  The cataloguing is complete.  The final tally was 202 logged items, encompassing a whole range of different subjects.  I hope I can find someone who wants them...

Using the GRO indexes on Ancestry and Findmypast I've put together a basic 3-generation tree, with BMD dates spanning a rough 90-year period from the 1890s to 1980.  I've focused purely on the main couple in the papers - Herbert Edward Gulliver and Maisie C Gulliver (nee Chamberlain), adding in their respective parents and their children.  I haven't broadened it out to include siblings of Herbert and Maisie, or of their parents, although this would probably be easy enough to do.  I'm not sharing details of the tree here, or indeed on any public site, as it is not mine to share.

I also wanted to share a couple of non-personal snippets from letters, as when I was reading through them it really helped to illustrate the reaction of 'ordinary' people to historic events, like the end of the Second World War.

End of the war
" you know we have had some marvellous news Japan beaten thank god everyone had two days Holiday..."

It's a letter to a soldier still serving overseas and the writer goes on to highlight how and where she celebrated and the atmosphere in London.  She also expresses her delight at being able to witness Field Marshal Montgomery being granted the 'Freedom of Lambeth'

"...they presented him the Keys of the city in Brixton Town Hall right near where you live. I saw him on the route coming back. I see him at the Oval as he passed so the church bells rung he richly deserves the honour they bestow upon him he is a marvellous man..."

I guess many of us now use social media to record our responses to national and global events.  I wonder how much of it will survive so that our families can see it in 70 years time...

Last, but definitely not least, I am also very excited to report that I have identified a couple of Ancestry members called Gulliver, who appear to be from the right family.  Knowing that they have at least sufficient interest in family history to have created an online tree gives me some hope that I'm not going to be met with a brick wall.  I've contacted both of them today.  Here's hoping...

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