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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Every workplace needs an accordionist (or two). A Gulliver project update.

Having catalogued 184 items, including 40 photographs, I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.  Probably unwisely I have saved the most difficult task until last.  Somehow, the passage of time has caused correspondence to become separated from its containers which means I have a pile of handwritten letters, not all dated, and a pile of envelopes,  most postmarked.  I have to somehow match these to ensure that the correct envelopes and letters are filed together.  Not an easy task - see why I've left it until last?

Leaving that aside for now, I wanted to share three photographs.  The first, typically with no labelling, has intrigued me.

Works photo?

What is going on in this photo, do you think?  My feeling is that it's probably some kind of work-related photo rather than a family event, as they are all men.  Many of them seem to be wearing buttonholes of some kind, which presumably had some significance, and I wondered about the boy.  Is his position front and centre a sign that this is somehow connected to him?  And why are there 2 accordion players?!

The other 2 photos are of the central couple in this whole thing, which I thought I'd share as a) it is perhaps through photos that I may be able to attract the interest of the right family and b) I just thought the wedding picture was fantastic, like a glamorous publicity shot from a 1930s romantic film.  The second picture shows them in a more relaxed setting, probably around the same time as the wedding as they look about the same age.  I did initially wonder whether Mr Gulliver was wearing the same jacket!

1930s wedding
At home?

I'll try to write another update later this weekend.

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